C-Level Tough Decisions

A Member asked his Faith & Business Forum Members to review the actions of his virtual CFO. After hearing the facts, The Christian CEO Institute Members recommended that the CFO be replaced.  The  Institute introduced a new virtual CFO to the Member who is now doing a great job for the Member Company.

Making Key Referrals

A Member Company identified a need for $1 million of project financing.  The Christian CEO Institute introduced the Member to a local commercial bank who issued a term sheet to finance the entire need at a rate that was 5-6% cheaper than the rate the company had been paying to various individuals.

Leadership/Mgmt Ideas

A Member CEO wanted to better understand how his direct reports perceived his leadership and management capabilities. The Christian CEO Institute conducted a custom made survey with all the direct reports and provided the CEO with valuable input on his leadership abilities.

Internal Networking

A Christian CEO Institute Member CEO was dissatisfied with their outsourced IT provider. The Institute introduced this Member to another Member who has taken over management of the Company's IT network on a cost effective basis.